Creative Writing and Drama Group – First Session

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Creative Writing and Drama Group

Friday 2nd of December – 11am -1pm with tutor Deborah Barber….

Deborah Barber, a specialist in Movement, Drama and Creative Writing, guarded her soul during treatment for breast cancer by playing. Using her extensive training and more than 25 years of theatre experience she was able to escape the onslaught of side-effects through movement, voice work, mythology & story, improvisation and the written word. She would now like to share this seriously frivolous delight in play with Sunflowers.

SunflowersTreatment Choices provides a way for patients to take an active role in managing their own condition. It provides patients with their clinical trial options and the means to contact local research teams directly from the site. You can visit the website here is currently running a survey asking patients for their opinions and feedback. The survey has been running for 3 weeks and the results are consistently positive.

Brilliant Night at Sunflowers Pamper Night 22 Nov

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Thank you to everyone who came along and everyone who helped. Special thanks to Chris, Pat,  Andy, Chris, Hiren, Mike, Harriet and the GIRLS From Liverpool Community College, Stacy, Icecube Fashion Accessories, Oh! For Goodness Cake!, Beckie, Jean Pierre, Bibby Line and David Charters for providing their excellent services and goods. Thank you to all our service users who keep on supporting us!