Charity of the Year Nomination

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In Liverpool you are never more than 10 metres away from someone who has been an extra on Hollyoaks or works for Jaguar Land Rover Halewood

We’ve been nominated to be their charity of the year and we need as many votes as possible to be successful.

The income from them would cover our services for a whole year, so ifyou know anyone who works at Jaguar Landrover, please ask them to vote for us for the future of cancer support in Merseyside.

Thank You!

New Sunflowers Logo

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Thank you to TVF Promotions Of Aintree

Our new refreshed logo from Wodehouse – Integrated marketing solutionshas been gifted as a sign by the very kind people at TVF.

Their support will ensure better visibility, literally, for the charity and to show the local community what we are all about – supporting people living with cancer.

This kind of gift is invaluable to us as a charity and we can’t show our appreciation enough and really shows how serious we are about the future of cancer support in Merseyside.

Thank You again!

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Treeeeeees release me let me go!

We’re teaming up with #TeamTree this year to collect your Christmas Tree on the 6th & 7th January.

Email or text 07919534329 and we’ll collect your tree for a £10 donation.

Maximum tree size for the regular collection is 7ft and we only collect from the South Liverpool area.
NB We can organise the collection of larger trees for an increased fee. Please email for details.

Donate via or when we collect.

Please share to Free your Tree and help us carry on supporting local people affected by cancer in 2018.


Charity of the Year Nomination

Ty SnowdonNews

First off we’d like to say a huge thank you to Jaguar Land Rover for their recent generous donation of over £2200!

But that’s only the start of the good news. We’ve been nominated as Jaguar Land Rover’s charity of the year, and if we win it’d make an incredible difference to Sunflowers. The previous winner won around £110,000 which is an entire year’s funding for us!

The Jaguar Land Rover staff will be making the vote, so if you know anyone who works there, please let them know about what we do and how much difference this would make to us.

Please also share our story with your friend, family, work colleagues and anyone else who you know. If you can take just a minute to like and share our social media posts they help us out a ton as we simply don’t have money for large advertisement campaigns.

Currently we have enough funding to keep the doors open maybe 6 months, which we bolster via service donations and the incredible generosity of the people of Liverpool. If we win the vote, not only could we potentially win enough funding for a year, but combined with fundraising we could stretch into 2 years and possibly beyond.

We really cannot overstate what a difference winning this would make to us so please do what you can to help

Ty SnowdonNews

In light of recent news regarding charities holding large proportions of their income in investments, we’d like to ensure that all charities don’t get tarred with the same brush – especially us smaller charities.

To demonstrate our transparency we’d like to share a summary of our incomings, outgoings and balances of our bank account for the last month. We are not fortunate enough to have an investments portfolio, so every pound you see in these accounts is what we have to run the charity.


We have stated on numerous occasions that we need £120,000 per year to survive, £10,000 a month will cover:

Salaries for staff and workshop leaders
Maintenance of the Sunflowers Centre and utilities
Insurance for our volunteers and those who access our services
Over 1500 hours of cancer intervention

Transparency is key to any charity, taking one step inside Sunflowers is enough to see exactly how this money is spent. Speaking to any of the people who access our services is enough to see exactly how we are helping people living with cancer.

Never underestimate how much your support can help a small charity such as ourselves.