March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month

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Brain Tumour UK

Brain Tumour UK

Brain Tumour UK is the leading, caring charity committed to fighting brain tumours. Our personalised support is available online, on the phone, by email and through support groups. Our scientific research improves the quality of life for brain tumour patients and identifies better treatments. We raise awareness to change things for the better, for everyone affected by a brain tumour.

Did you know that each year in the UK, we estimate that up to 16000 people are diagnosed with a Primary Brain Tumour and up to 32000 people are diagnosed with a Secondary Brain Tumour?

To support anyone affected by a brain tumour we, alongside a number of other charities are promoting a ‘Manifesto for Everyone Affected by a Brian Tumour’.

The manifesto calls on Governments throughout the UK to work in partnership with us all to ensure early diagnosis and treatment, to implement the best practice guidance  for treating people with brain and CNS tumours and to significantly increase government investment in brain tumour research.  You can support this by writing to your MP. Check this out at

During 2011 Brain Tumour UK assisted over 500 people in the North and Midlands. We developed a number of support groups and also provided information and support on an individual basis. We offered support via our National Helpline, our on-line community, and by text messaging with our new service for the under 25’s. You can find out more about our support and information services by checking out our website

To check out what is available locally contact Sue Wreglesworth, Development Coordinator for the North and Midlands :

Mobile telephone number  :  0771 7175 2636