Charity of the Year Nomination

Ty SnowdonNews

First off we’d like to say a huge thank you to Jaguar Land Rover for their recent generous donation of over £2200!

But that’s only the start of the good news. We’ve been nominated as Jaguar Land Rover’s charity of the year, and if we win it’d make an incredible difference to Sunflowers. The previous winner won around £110,000 which is an entire year’s funding for us!

The Jaguar Land Rover staff will be making the vote, so if you know anyone who works there, please let them know about what we do and how much difference this would make to us.

Please also share our story with your friend, family, work colleagues and anyone else who you know. If you can take just a minute to like and share our social media posts they help us out a ton as we simply don’t have money for large advertisement campaigns.

Currently we have enough funding to keep the doors open maybe 6 months, which we bolster via service donations and the incredible generosity of the people of Liverpool. If we win the vote, not only could we potentially win enough funding for a year, but combined with fundraising we could stretch into 2 years and possibly beyond.

We really cannot overstate what a difference winning this would make to us so please do what you can to help