Sunflowers 30th anniversary appeal

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Some of you may have noticed our new Facebook profile pic. Today marks the start of our 30th Anniversary Celebrations 🎉

Yes from tiny and humble beginnings since 1986 we have developed and grown and in thirty years have helped thousands of local cancer patients, survivors and carers. Today we’re providing more sessions per week than ever before, but we are a charity, and one of limited means. Our NHS funding hasn’t increased in over 10 years, despite increasing costs, and demand, and we are constantly looking for funding to keep our doors open.

So in the spirit of go large or go home, we have now launched an online appeal to raise a gigantic £30,000 in this our 30th year. Every single penny will be spent on providing much needed support to people in Liverpool who are affected by cancer. Please give if you can.

If we received just £1 for every man, woman and child in Liverpool we’d have enough money to stay open for 5 years!
Cancer affects everyone in some way and in Liverpool we still have higher rates of cancer incidence than almost anywhere else in the UK. Please help us help your family, friends and neighbours. Every penny helps.