Sunflowers is an independent charity which supports cancer patients, survivors and carers in Merseyside


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The Bad News

As many of you know, Sunflowers has been core funded by the NHS since 1986. We are very sorry to announce that Liverpool CCG (NHS) has now informed us this funding will cease at the end of April 2017. This withdrawal of funding (£56,000 anually) will have a huge impact on Sunflowers and on the local cancer patients and survivors who we help. there is a real possibility that in due course the service would have to close entirely.


The Good News

In the last two years Sunflowers has undergone a huge change and is now providing more cancer support interventions per week than ever before. In addition, last year was our best fundraising year on record. this means we don’t have to close immediately, and that, with the help of our local community, there’s a real chance we can survive this blow and continue to support local people struggling with cancer, for years to come.


How can you help?

We need to raise a minimum of £100,000 to keep our doors open another year and to carry on supporting local cancer patients.

#FF0000 Raised £9,260 towards the £100,000 target.

You can donate via Paypal: 

You can donate in person at our HQ

If you’d prefer to donate directly to our bank account, please use the following details:

Liverpool Cancer Care Self Help Group


Sort code: 402901

Account number: 41532936




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About Sunflowers

Last year was Sunflowers’ 30th anniversary. We started off in 1986 as Liverpool Cancer Care Self Help Group. Since then we’ve helped literally thousands of local people cope with a cancer diagnosis. Sunflowers is an independent charity which exists to improve the lives of local people affected by cancer: patients, survivors and carers.

Our service is managed by a small staff team and supported by a team of highly skilled volunteers. We offer a wide range of weekly activities, workshops and courses.


Get Involved

Sunflowers relies on public donations and volunteering to carry on our vital work. There are many ways you can support us